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Simplify Staff Scheduling, Optimize Labor Costs, and Streamline Timesheets with Ease!
iqcheckpoint: workforce management software
shift schedule daily
shifts scheduled daily
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more data at your fingertips
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checkpoints scanned
serving industries
Serving industries

Designed for Hourly Work

 ( Say Goodbye to Paperwork Hassles! )
employee scheduling software

Enhanced Workforce Scheduling

With iQCheckPoint, your team’s schedule is effortlessly managed online and constantly up-to-date. Whether you’re on the bus or just about anywhere else, you can easily make on-the-fly adjustments and instantly share the updates.

Team communication

End the confusion of lost messages and scattered emails. iQCheckPoint keeps your conversations where they matter most, directly connected to your tasks, checklists, and scheduling.
team communication
Team communication with iQCheckPoint app

Quick Setup Incredibly User-Friendly

Have your team on board with iQCheckPoint in just 2 to 5 Minutes ! Experience the ease of a messaging app paired with robust work tracking and organization capabilities. Access iQCheckPoint seamlessly from any device, no matter your location.

It's like having an office in your pocket

Empower your mobile workforce. Stay synced with schedulers. Access work details, schedules, and updates easily. Everything your team needs to succeed on the move.
mobile workforce management software
real-time alerts with iQCheckPoint

Streamline intricate schedules with a clear, real-time interface

Ditch manual scheduling headaches. iQCheckPoint’s powerful software ensures the right person is in the right place at the right time, every time.
workforce management software

Achieving outcomes across all industries

Unlock Growth with our One-Stop Solution:
Adaptable, Scalable, Streamlined

faster scheduling
faster team scheduling
increase employee engagement
Increase employee engagement
reduce time
Reduce time to competency

What you can do with iQCheckPoint 

iQCheckPoint provides end-to-end employee management

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workforce management system
Payroll Integration 
Simplify payroll through seamless integration with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and more. Custom integrations are available too.
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workforce management system
Get it all with our location kiosk app: clock-in/out, roster access, tasks, leave requests, and real-time updates via the news feed.
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workforce management system
Fraud Monitoring
We enhance fraud detection using GPS location mapping, photo authentication for attendance, AI-powered facial recognition, and alerts for late or missed shifts.
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workforce management system
Put an end to scheduling hassles with our user-friendly drag-and-drop scheduling tool. Effortlessly create, assign, and oversee shifts with ease.
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workforce management system
Tracking Real-Time
Empower yourself with full visibility into your workforce's real-time activities. Stay informed about who's on duty, taking breaks, or accomplishing tasks at any given moment.
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workforce management system
Streamline timesheet management with automation, eliminating errors and saving precious time. Accurate records are just a click away.

Customer testimonials

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“Very impressed with the Live Dashboard, very easy to monitors our staff attendance and live activity performed.”

Alpine The Cleaning Services
Jose Meza | Area Manager
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“We now have full control of our wages with a payroll of over 800 staff. Which gave us massive saving of 2% from the fortnightly Pay run.”

Aged Care
Thomas Pastorino | Coordinator
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“Updating our Restaurant rosters on the mobile App is great, especially last minute staff changes.”

Mama’s Fish House
Katlyn Summers | Manager
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“Great communication space, we can send out Safety Alerts to every team member in the field and have them acknowledge they’ve read it.”

ARRA Construction
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iQCheckPoint: workforce management software
A big deal for every type of businesses
iQCheckPoint is free for up to 10 users!


iQCheckPoint is committed to delivering a budget-friendly workforce solution that comes packed with top-notch features, a user-friendly interface, and hassle-free on-the-go management thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Certainly! You can dive into iQCheckPoint with our generous 31-day free trial. Enjoy unrestricted access to all of iQCheckPoint's powerful features without needing to provide any credit card details.

Absolutely! The iQCheckPoint mobile app is designed for simplicity and accessibility. Inviting staff takes mere seconds, and setting up their accounts is a breeze, taking just minutes. 


With the app, your employees can effortlessly connect with the team, submit availability, request time off, and stay informed about upcoming shifts, all from the palm of their hands.


Explore the reasons behind employees' adoration for the iQCheckPoint app – it boasts a wealth of reviews in the app store that tell the story!

The iQCheckPoint app runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices, empowering managers to make real-time schedule adjustments and promptly inform staff through SMS and email alerts.


For employees, the app simplifies tasks like clocking in and out, handling availability, and coordinating shift swaps with ease.

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