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Streamline staff scheduling, enhance team communication, optimize labor expenses, and seamlessly export data to payroll using our hospitality scheduling software.

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Effortless Workforce Solution for Your Hospitality Business!

iQCheckpoint: Simple, scalable shift scheduling software for the Hospitality Industry.

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Intelligent scheduling tailored to demand Scheduling

iQCheckPoint utilizes past revenue and shift data to forecast future demand, ensuring optimal scheduling. Our system automatically assigns the right person to the right shift, enhancing efficiency.

Everything at your fingertips

Manage staff replacements, shift edits, and track employee locations effortlessly with the Employee Scheduling App. Managers can easily handle schedules, approve leaves, and facilitate shift swaps using their mobile devices. For recurring schedules, utilize templates or easily copy and paste for subsequent weeks or periods.

Integrate with POS, payroll, and HR for efficiency

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

Forecast your demand

Efficiently adjust schedules based on historical data, monitoring real-time costs for each team, week, or location. Empower frontline managers with real-time wage cost visibility for informed, cost-saving decisions. Identify and address unnecessary overtime hours by swiftly adjusting employee schedules.

integrate with payroll


Leverage iQKiosk for streamlined schedule management in locations with a large workforce. Employees can Sign In/Out, check rosters, set unavailability, and view tasks on the location iPad. Proprietary PhotoiD technology ensures accurate employee identification, enhancing security and payroll efficiency.

Fraud Monitoring

iQ enables managers to monitor rostered employees, track hours, and detect potential fraud. GPS location mapping, attendance photos, and late-to-shift alerts enhance fraud detection measures.

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Boost restaurant success with efficient workforce management software

Effectively manage your restaurant’s workforce to maximize productivity, streamline operations, and support business growth.

Facilitate Business Growth

Efficiently scale and grow your business with restaurant workforce management software. Integration of streamlined systems supports managing employees across various locations and enables seamless payroll processing.

Cost Savings

Implementing workforce management software as an integrated solution aids in reducing costs and optimizing profits. It saves time on staff hours, labor expenses, scheduling, and streamlining the onboarding process. For instance, a restaurant franchisee reported potential savings of $91,200 by using time clock technology to prevent late or early clock-ins.

Time Efficiency

The automation features of workforce management software significantly cut down time-consuming tasks. Whether automating the hiring process with HR software or utilizing scheduling software for efficient planning, users have reported saving approximately 40 hours compared to manual methods.

Discover how iQCheckPoint Workforce Management Software can benefit the Hospitality Sector

  • Implement flexible staffing schedules for split shifts, seasonal staff, and employees in various areas or departments.
  • Optimize workforce utilization, minimizing overtime and temporary labor to reduce operational costs.
  • Effectively manage employee absences, holidays, sickness, and other issues.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and safety regulations.
  • Utilize iQCheckPoint to measure key aspects of labor management, including personnel details, tasks, timing, and locations.


Restaurants use scheduling software to schedule staff, forecast labor costs, and avoid overtime. iQCheckPoint provides popular restaurant features, such as creating employee schedules, swapping shifts, and tracking labor costs.

Scheduling software for restaurants is a tool that helps restaurant owners and staff manage employee schedules. It can create and manage employee schedules, swap shifts, and track employee availability.

Several software programs allow restaurant managers to better forecast and schedule their workforce. This software can be especially helpful for restaurants that experience high customer traffic during certain periods of the day or week.


By using labor management software for restaurants, restaurant managers can more accurately predict how many staff members they will need on hand during busy times and can create more efficient work schedules that help improve overall productivity.

There are several different ways that restaurant workforce management software can work. Typically, these systems allow managers to track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. Some software programs may also include features for tracking employee performance or managing payroll.


By using a workforce management system hospitality, managers can more effectively manage their staff and ensure that their restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

A Restaurant workforce control solution can help you manage your restaurant workforce more effectively. With this software, you can track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. You can also use the software to communicate with employees and manage employee records.

A restaurant would typically use various software applications to manage its operations effectively. 


Firstly, a point of sale (POS) system is essential for processing payments, tracking sales and inventory, and generating reports.


Additionally, inventory management software can help monitor ingredients and supplies, while scheduling software can help with employee shift scheduling and timekeeping. Online reservations and ordering systems can streamline bookings and delivery services. 


Marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software can also build customer loyalty and improve outreach efforts. The right software can significantly enhance a restaurant’s efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

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