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Create effective schedules for various construction projects, reduce labor expenses, and enhance operations through feedback-driven optimization.

Our construction workforce management software enhances efficiency and productivity from operative onboarding and pre-induction to competency and ongoing management.

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Increase employee engagement
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Streamlined Solution for Your Construction Business!

iQcheckpoint: Flexible shift scheduling for construction businesses—scaled for all workforce sizes.
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Create schedules according to project requirements

Align your schedules with precise forecasts to meet project demands and timelines. Guarantee the optimal number of construction workers in the field for seamless operations.

Elevate indoor tracking precision with Beacon Checkpoint

In situations where GPS falls short, our Beacon Checkpoint feature takes charge. By utilizing smart Bluetooth technology, ensures precise tracking of employees' indoor locations with pinpoint accuracy. Particularly useful in areas where GPS signals may be unavailable.

Instant and secure sign-ins with QR Checkpoint! Unlock with a scan.

Revolutionize time management with our QR Checkpoint! Employees can start shifts instantly with a QR code scan, ensuring top-notch security through precise location verification.

Streamline labor compliance

Craft schedules that adhere to local, federal, and state laws. Get alerts for potential violations to avoid penalties and ensure compliance.

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fraud actions

Preventing Fraud: Proactive Measures Against Deception

Our Fraud Actions feature actively identifies unjust time practices like buddy punching, ensuring honesty and precision in time tracking.

Control schedules conveniently from your phone

Effortlessly manage schedules with our mobile app. Send updates, handle leave, and approve shift swaps on the go. Workers stay informed about job site assignments on their mobile devices.

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How Workforce Management Software helps construction companies

Efficient Scheduling

Optimize project schedules for better workforce utilization.

Resource Allocation

Ensure the right number of skilled workers for each project phase.

Cost Control

Monitor labor costs and prevent budget overruns with accurate tracking.

Time Savings

Automate scheduling processes, saving time for higher-value tasks.

Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to labor laws and safety regulations.

Task Assignment

Easily assign tasks to workers based on their skills and qualifications.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor workforce activities and progress in real-time.

Shift Flexibility

Provide workers with the ability to claim or swap shifts for increased flexibility.

Streamlined Allocation

Enhance communication between project managers and field staff.

Leave Management

Automate scheduling processes, saving time for higher-value tasks.

Centralized Data

Consolidate workforce data in one system for easy access and analysis.

Project-specific Adaptability

Customize software components to fit the needs of specific projects.

Enhanced Productivity

Improve overall efficiency and productivity in construction operations.

Error Reduction

Minimize the risk of errors in scheduling, payroll, and compliance through automation.


Construction workforce management software is a tool that aids construction managers in planning, scheduling, and monitoring employee time and attendance. 


Additionally, this software can efficiently handle payroll and benefits management.

Look for features that streamline construction workforce management, including employee shift swapping and the capability to share employees across locations within a single schedule. 


Additionally, an integrated time clock speeds up payroll processing, reducing the risk of errors.

Construction workforce management software is employed by construction companies to handle employee data, encompassing scheduling, time tracking, and payroll. 

Additionally, the software aids in tracking project advancement and managing project budgets.

Select a plan that suits your needs, beginning at just $1.60 per user per month. Explore the features of our plans and kickstart your free trial today!

In construction, workforce management is an organizational strategy to enhance overall employee efficiency and effectiveness. 


A top-notch workforce management system aids construction companies in optimizing various business activities and departments such as communication, scheduling, payroll, human resources, data management, and regulatory compliance.

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