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Effectively manage cleaning staff schedules, streamline payroll, and communicate schedule changes instantly with iQCheckPoint. Focus on growing your cleaning business for increased profitability.

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Increase employee engagement
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iQ presents a cutting-edge, versatile cleaning management software system. Monitor and analyze crucial aspects like budgets, rosters, cleaning rotations, tasks, incident reports, and KPIs effortlessly.
shift Scheduling

Shift Scheduling

Simplify employee shift scheduling with iQ's user-friendly interface. Assign operators to work areas effortlessly through drag-and-drop controls, whether on the Web Console or Mobile App. Plus empowers employees to claim open shifts with iQ's intelligent shift management.

Location Budgeting

iQ's budget module gives business owners the power to manage costs and enhance financial outcomes. With control over location budgets, businesses gain improved financial visibility, facilitating enhanced planning and reporting for actual vs budget comparisons.

Create employee schedules based on demand

iQCheckPoint's cleaning scheduling ensures optimal coverage, precise staff placement, and budget tracking. Instantly schedule staff across locations for comprehensive coverage and conflict-free schedules based on criteria.

Effortlessly swap shifts and find replacements with iQCheckPoint

Staff can autonomously swap shifts through iQCheckPoint's 'Perfect Match' algorithm, aligning availability, skills, and location. Receive shift swap requests and contact staff directly through iQCheckPoint for seamless adjustments. Employee shift swapping is efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

swap shifts
digital reporting

Quick onboarding, backed by exceptional customer service as needed

Effortlessly invite your team to iQCheckPoint via email, link, or SMS. Your team can be operational within minutes, and our responsive customer support is just a chat away for any assistance you need.

Digital Reporting

Seamlessly integrate the iQCheckPoint system with digital forms and tasks for real-time reporting and safety alerts. Customize forms like Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports to match organizational needs. Assign tasks at any checkpoint for thorough site security checks and reminders.

Enhance accuracy with iQCheckPoint's geolocation tagging

iQCheckPoint ensures accurate employee location tracking, simplifying the setup and management of virtual boundaries. This is ideal for businesses with intricate spatial needs, ensuring everyone stays within their designated areas.

Automated time tracking for mobile, desktops, and tablets

Effortlessly track time with iQCheckPoint's software on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, whether you're in the office, working remotely, or on the go.

geolocation tagging
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Workforce management technology offers significant advantages to the contract cleaning sector. Automating tasks like scheduling, time tracking, and payroll, enhances efficiency and reduces costs. 


Mobile apps empower cleaners to easily manage their work hours, and schedules, and stay organized, contributing to increased productivity.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to schedule your staff across multiple locations. This can be achieved by creating separate schedules for each location and assigning staff accordingly. 


You can either specify the location for each shift or create distinct locations for more organized management.

If you're running a cleaning business, our software can be a valuable asset. With real-time attendance tracking and payroll features, you can efficiently manage your employees' hours and compensation. 


The mobile app enables easy clocking from any location, and the user-friendly dashboard provides a clear overview of your business operations.

Several choices exist for top-notch cleaning workforce management software, including iQCheckPoint, Planday, When I Work, Homebase, Deputy, and Skedulo.

If you're a cleaning business owner or manager, having effective workforce management software is crucial. Our solution is tailored to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and boosting your business's performance. 


From managing remote staff to scheduling shifts, tracking location budgets, and providing digital reporting, our software has you covered. Reach out to us today to explore how our software can positively impact your cleaning business.

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