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Effortless scheduling is vital for businesses with shifts or hourly workers.

Ditch the spreadsheet headache – discover employee scheduling software.

It spots conflicts, prevents errors, and automates overtime tracking.

With drag-and-drop ease and instant access, set up team schedules in a snap.

Even deskless employees can view and request changes from anywhere.

Simplify scheduling, empower your team.

reason to move away from deputy

Why Are People Moving Away
from Deputy?

Why choose iQCheckPoint over Deputy?

iQCheckPoint offers free staff scheduling, team messaging, tasks, and more. Deputy requires a paid plan.



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(10 users)



Price Minimum Plan

$1.60 (First 10 users Free)


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Shift Swap & Find Replacement

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Employee Schedule


Geolocation Tagging

Loop Patrol

QR Code CheckPoint

Beacon CheckPoint

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Alerts [Customizable ]

Fraud Actions

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Employee Onboarding

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Offline Mode 

Your Comprehensive Workspace Solution

Centralize your team with iQCheckPoint: messaging, scheduling, tasks, checklists, reminders,
and workflows, all in a single platform.
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Why iQCheckPoint is
the Best Alternative to Deputy

When it comes to managing your team, iQCheckPoint goes beyond what Deputy offers.
We’ve got some awesome features that make managing your workforce easier and
more efficient. Let’s take a look at what sets iQCheckPoint apart:

iQCheckPoint's free plan

iQCheckPoint provides a complete free plan, encompassing employee scheduling, tasks, checklists, and team communication. This way, you can ensure it aligns perfectly with your business needs. In contrast, Deputy offers only a free trial.

Geolocation Tagging
Precision in Monitoring

iQCheckPoint makes keeping track of your employees’ locations super accurate. You can set up virtual boundaries and manage them easily. This is especially great for businesses with complex spaces, making sure everyone is where they need to be

Loop Patrol
Empowering Task Management

Our Loop Patrol feature takes task management to the next level. You can create paths for your employees to follow, so they know exactly what to do. This helps them get their tasks done right and on time.

QR Checkpoint
Quick and Secure Sign-Ins

No more waiting around – our QR Checkpoint feature lets employees start their shifts by scanning QR codes. It’s fast and adds an extra layer of security by confirming they’re where they should be.

Beacon Checkpoint
Precision in Indoor Tracking

When GPS isn’t enough, our Beacon Checkpoint feature steps in. It uses smart Bluetooth technology to track employees’ indoor locations precisely. Great for places where GPS can’t quite reach.

See What You Need, Your Way

Our Dashboard gives you real-time info in an easy-to-read format. You can see what’s happening with your team, their schedules, and important metrics all at once.

Real-time Alerts
Stay in the Know

Get instant updates on important stuff, like shift changes and time-off requests. This helps you handle things quickly and keeps everything running smoothly.

Fraud Actions
Proactive Anti-Fraud Measures

Our Fraud Actions feature is like a watchdog for unfair time practices. It helps prevent things like buddy punching, making sure time tracking is honest and accurate.

Customer testimonials

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“We now have full control of our wages with a payroll of over 800 staff. Which gave us massive saving of 2% from the fortnightly Pay run.”

Aged Care Thomas Pastorino | Coordinator

“Updating our Restaurant rosters on the mobile App is great, especially last minute staff changes.”

Mama’s Fish House Katlyn Summers | Manager

“Very impressed with the Live Dashboard, very easy to monitors our staff attendance and live activity performed.”

Alpine The Cleaning Services Jose Meza | Area Manager

“Great communication space, we can send out Safety Alerts to every team member in the field and have them acknowledge they’ve read it.”

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Without a doubt, iQCheckPoint stands out as an exceptional solution for anyone in search of top-notch employee scheduling software. Nevertheless, let's offer an honest answer:


Both platforms boast excellent employee scheduling features for creating work schedules, managing shift swaps, and handling time-off requests. Furthermore, they both offer mobile apps for on-the-go schedule viewing by your staff.


When comparing iQCheckPoint and Deputy, a significant difference arises with iQCheckPoint's offline mode. This empowers users to initiate unscheduled shifts without internet connectivity, a feature lacking in Deputy.


Moreover, iQCheckPoint's innovation shines through geolocation tagging, loop patrol, beacon checkpoints, fraud prevention, and seamless employee onboarding—unlike Deputy, which misses out on these advantages.


The icing on the cake? iQCheckPoint offers all this at an unbeatable price. Elevate your scheduling experience with iQCheckPoint's versatility and innovation.


Ultimately, your perfect choice depends on your team's needs.


For those seeking a comprehensive solution encompassing team messaging, scheduling, tasks, reminders, to-do lists, checklists, and workflows, iQCheckPoint stands out. It condenses multiple tools into one powerhouse platform, streamlining your workflow effectively.


If your focus is solely on employee scheduling, you have the opportunity to explore both platforms firsthand. iQCheckPoint extends a  free plan without any time constraints or commitments, while Deputy offers a 31-day trial but lacks a free option post-trial.


Discover the right fit for your team's management needs – the possibilities await!

Absolutely, with Deputy, you can enjoy a 31-day free trial period. However, once this trial concludes, opting for a paid plan is necessary, as there is no available free version.

Absolutely, iQCheckPoint offers a fantastic 31-day free trial plan for you to explore.

The iQCheckPoint app is user-friendly on iOS and Android. It lets managers modify rosters on the fly, instantly updating staff via SMS and email alerts.


For staff, the app simplifies clocking in/out, managing availability, and swapping shifts hassle-free.

Consider these alternative options as well: Homebase, When I Work, Sling, Panday, 7shifts, and Coast app. Each of these platforms offers employee scheduling features and the added benefit of a free version for you to test out.

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