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iQCheckPoint presents a budget-friendly and user-friendly substitute, streamlining team management effortlessly.

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Efficient scheduling is crucial for businesses with hourly workers and shifts.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet hassles - explore employee scheduling software.

It identifies conflicts, eliminates mistakes, and automates overtime monitoring.

Effortlessly create team schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity and immediate accessibility.

Deskless employees can conveniently access and request schedule changes from any location.

Streamline your scheduling process and empower your team.

reason to move away from deputy

Why Are People Moving Away from When I Work ?

Assessing both favorable and unfavorable customer reviews is a valuable approach for gauging the compatibility of a software solution with your business requirements.

Although numerous reviews of When I Work highlight its user-friendly approach to hour tracking, there are also expressions of frustration regarding the software’s “numerous glitches,” which have led to “considerable scheduling conflicts and confusion.”

Users have expressed significant frustration with the software, citing issues like freezing and failure to register locations properly. Additionally, some complaints highlight delays in addressing glitches, sometimes taking up to a month to resolve.

Several When I Work reviews raise concerns about customer service, as the software lacks phone support. One review mentioned that the available customer support can be frustrating and unhelpful when dealing with serious issues.

According to customer reviews, When I Work frequently falls short of the features necessary for certain businesses. For instance, an accounting manager notes significant missing features that render the software unproductive. Another user mentions that When I Work isn’t suitable for businesses with complex shift requirements like theirs.

Why choose iQCheckPoint over When I Work?

With iQCheckPoint’s free plan, you gain access to more features compared to When I Work, enabling enhanced team organization.



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When I Work

$2.50/ User (Essentials)

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$2.50 /User

Employee Schedule

Employee Timesheet

Shift Swap & Find Replacement

Schedule Templates


Employee Schedule


Geolocation Tagging

Loop Patrol

QR Code CheckPoint

Beacon CheckPoint

Dashboard [Create as per your need]

Alerts [Customizable ]

Fraud Actions

Client Account

Employee Onboarding

Forms [Create your own]

Offline Mode 

Your Comprehensive Workspace Solution

Centralize team messaging, scheduling, tasks, reminders, checklists, to-do lists,
and workflows in a single, unified platform for you and your team.
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Why iQCheckPoint is
the Best Alternative to When I Work

When it comes to managing your team, iQCheckPoint goes beyond what Deputy offers.
We’ve got some awesome features that make managing your workforce easier and
more efficient. Let’s take a look at what sets iQCheckPoint apart:

One place, not all over the place

iQCheckPoint simplifies everything by combining employee scheduling, tasks, checklists, and team communications in a single platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools.

Enhance communication with your entire team.

Effortlessly transmit group messages or announcements to your whole team and track message reads to ensure team-wide accountability.

Geolocation Tagging Accurate Monitoring at Its Best

With iQCheckPoint, you can effortlessly ensure precise employee location tracking. Set up and manage virtual boundaries with ease, which is particularly beneficial for businesses with intricate spaces, ensuring everyone is in the right place.

Loop Patrol Strengthening Task Supervision

Experience advanced task management with our Loop Patrol feature. Design designated paths for your employees to ensure clear task guidelines, resulting in accurate and timely task completion.

QR Checkpoint Quick and Secure Sign-Ins

Eliminate waiting times – our QR Checkpoint feature enables employees to begin their shifts swiftly by scanning QR codes. This swift process also enhances security, providing confirmation that they are in the designated location.

Dashboard Customize Your View to Display Relevant Information

Experience real-time information presented in a user-friendly format through our Dashboard. Gain insights into your team’s activities, their schedules, and essential metrics, all conveniently displayed in a single glance.

Real-time Alerts
Stay in the Know

Receive immediate notifications regarding critical matters, such as modifications in shifts and requests for time off. This facilitates prompt handling of tasks and ensures the seamless flow of operations.

Make sure your staff gets work done

Generate tasks that can be associated with either a shift or an individual. This will trigger automatic reminders for your staff, guaranteeing the fulfillment of tasks in a timely manner.

Customer testimonials

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“We now have full control of our wages with a payroll of over 800 staff. Which gave us massive saving of 2% from the fortnightly Pay run.”

Aged Care Thomas Pastorino | Coordinator

“Updating our Restaurant rosters on the mobile App is great, especially last minute staff changes.”

Mama’s Fish House Katlyn Summers | Manager

“Very impressed with the Live Dashboard, very easy to monitors our staff attendance and live activity performed.”

Alpine The Cleaning Services Jose Meza | Area Manager

“Great communication space, we can send out Safety Alerts to every team member in the field and have them acknowledge they’ve read it.”

ARRA Construction Spsum Consectetuer


Of course, we believe iQCheckPoint  is excellent for those seeking employee scheduling software. However, here's an honest response:


Both platforms offer impressive employee scheduling features. You can schedule staff, receive automatic shift reminders, facilitate shift trades, and manage time-off requests. Additionally, both platforms provide mobile apps for convenient on-the-go schedule access.


Both platforms offer impressive employee scheduling features. You can schedule staff, receive automatic shift reminders, facilitate shift trades, and manage time-off requests. Additionally, both platforms provide mobile apps for convenient on-the-go schedule access.


In the end, the ideal platform depends on your team management requirements.


If you're in search of a comprehensive platform that covers team messaging, scheduling, tasks, reminders, to-do lists, checklists, and workflows, iQCheckPoint is the solution you need. iQCheckPoint streamlines various apps and tools into a unified hub for enhanced productivity.


If your requirement is solely employee scheduling, we suggest testing both platforms to make your own assessment. Both offer free versions for trial without any obligations. 


It's worth noting that the free version of When I Work might have limited features, while iQCheckPoint's free plan provides access to all its features for your use.

Certainly, iQCheckPoint provides an excellent 31-day trial period for you to discover its features.

The iQCheckPoint app works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. It enables managers to easily make real-time changes to schedules, promptly notifying staff through SMS and email alerts. 

For employees, the app simplifies tasks like clocking in/out, managing availability, and exchanging shifts with convenience.

The process can vary between 1 to 5 minutes, depending on your team's size. We've streamlined the invitation process, allowing you to easily add your team members by utilizing your contact list, phone numbers, or email addresses.

Explore these exciting alternatives as well: Homebase, Deputy, Sling, Connecteam, and Coast App. Each of these platforms offers employee scheduling functionality and provides the added benefit of a free version for you to experience.

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