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iQCheckPoint offers a unified system for all your healthcare workforce management needs. Enhance data clarity, elevate customer service, ensure compliance, and create efficiencies across your workforce. Streamline leave management, shift swapping, and team communication.

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Effortless Solution for Your Medical Clinic Business!

iQcheckpoint offers a versatile, user-friendly shift scheduling system scalable for the Hospitality Industry. Tailored to small, medium, or large workforce needs

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Shift Scheduling

Efficiently schedule shifts with our user-friendly interface. Directly assign tasks using drag-and-drop controls, linking operators through Web Console or Mobile App. Our intelligent shift management, iQ, enables employees to claim open shifts effortlessly.

Instant and secure sign-ins with QR Checkpoint! Unlock with a scan

Revolutionize your time management with our QR Checkpoint! Employees can start their shifts instantly by scanning a QR code, ensuring secure location verification for top-notch security.

Empower your tasks with Loop Patrol!

Elevate your task management using our innovative Loop Patrol feature. Craft custom paths for employees, ensuring precise task execution and delivering timely, error-free results.

All-in-one software system

Our cloud-based software provides a comprehensive solution for onboarding, rostering, managing, and paying your staff in one efficient system. No messy integrations or multiple platforms are required.

Loop Patrol
Preventing Fraud

Elevate indoor tracking precision with Beacon Checkpoint.

When GPS falls short, our Beacon Checkpoint steps in. Using smart Bluetooth technology ensures precise indoor tracking of employees in locations where GPS signals are unavailable.

Preventing Fraud: Proactive Measures Against Deception

Our Fraud Actions feature actively identifies unfair time practices like buddy punching, ensuring the honesty and accuracy of time tracking

Key Features In Medical Staff Scheduling Software

When considering healthcare staff scheduling software, focus on key features for effective scheduling.

  • Schedule staff based on skills and qualifications
  • Optimize schedules to prevent overtime and last-minute changes
  • Manage the workforce effectively and efficiently
  • Coordinate healthcare staff across various shifts and locations

Benefits Of Using Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Many healthcare facilities now rely on staff scheduling software to efficiently manage hospital operations. Here are some benefits:

Efficient Resource Allocation

Healthcare staff scheduling software helps optimize staffing levels based on patient needs, reducing understaffing or overstaffing situations and ensuring efficient resource allocation

Time and Cost Savings

Automation of scheduling processes minimizes manual effort, saving time for administrators. This leads to cost savings as it streamlines the scheduling workflow and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Improved Compliance

Scheduling software aids in tracking and managing staff certifications and compliance with labor laws and regulations, ensuring that the healthcare facility operates within legal and safety guidelines.

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Healthcare employee scheduling software oversees hourly employee schedules in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices. It caters to various roles, including front office staff, lab technicians, and nurses. 

This software automates scheduling, records leave, tracks overtime, and generates timesheets for compensation.

Managing hospital staff schedules can be intricate and time-intensive. Medical staff scheduling software simplifies and accelerates shift planning, reclaiming valuable hours each month. 


Beyond improving scheduling, it fosters a sense of control for various roles, boosting morale among practice managers, nurses, doctors, facilities teams, and sales and marketing staff. 


This technology not only saves hours but also mitigates the risk of staff exhaustion and errors, allowing more time for higher-value activities.

As per our reviews, iQCheckPoint stands out for clinics and medical practices due to its effortless setup and user-friendly interface. Onboarding healthcare staff is simple, team management is centralized in one app, freeing up valuable time for more important tasks.

iQCheckPoint excels in scheduling healthcare and medical staff by prioritizing shifts. Crafting schedules takes minutes, instant team notifications occur seamlessly, and finding replacements is effortless. 


Time-saving means more focus on patient care. With features like shift coverage and overtime prevention, it reduces staff fatigue, ensuring better patient care.

Explore our pricing page to receive a quote and discover the complete list of included features.

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