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Effortlessly schedule staff in minutes to meet demand and stay within budget. Keep track of employee hours from any location, saving time on filling shifts. Enhance visibility and communication with staff for improved coordination.

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Effortless solutions for your industrial manufacturing business!

iQCheckpoint is a versatile and user-friendly employee shift scheduling system. The software is adaptable for Industrial Manufacturing, catering to the workforce needs of small, medium, or large corporate setups

Data-driven Schedules

Utilize Humanity's data-driven forecasting for smarter scheduling. Match staffing needs with demand drivers for optimized schedules. Our auto-fill technology ensures compliant assignments based on employee availability, skills, and custom rules.

Manufacturing employee scheduling

Optimize your mass production with precise scheduling, regardless of team size. Minimize costs, comply with local laws, and enhance communication. Team members view shifts anywhere, get timely reminders, and can easily swap shifts for seamless schedule adjustments

Shift Swap

iQ empowers employees to change or amend shifts without administrative assistance. Shift swaps can be automated and depend on work location requirements. When a location has specific conditions, a shift can be quickly assigned, and the supervisor receives an approval notification to complete the final approval.

Imagine having a compact office right in your pocket

Support your mobile workforce, no matter where they work. Ensure schedulers and mobile teams are in sync. Easily access work details, schedule changes, and status updates. In short, it provides everything your deskless worker requires to complete their tasks.


iQKiosk simplifies large workforce scheduling. Staff easily sign in/out on the iPad, check rosters, set availability, request time off, and get updates. PhotoiD ensures secure sign-ins, streamlining accurate staff assignments and payroll.

Fraud Monitoring

iQ enables managers to monitor staff rosters, and logged hours, and assess fraud risks. Fraud detection is enhanced with GPS location mapping, attendance photo verification, and alerts for late shifts.

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Restaurants use scheduling software to schedule staff, forecast labor costs, and avoid overtime. iQCheckPoint provides popular restaurant features, such as creating employee schedules, swapping shifts, and tracking labor costs.

Scheduling software for restaurants is a tool that helps restaurant owners and staff manage employee schedules. It can create and manage employee schedules, swap shifts, and track employee availability.

Several software programs allow restaurant managers to better forecast and schedule their workforce. This software can be especially helpful for restaurants that experience high customer traffic during certain periods of the day or week.


By using labor management software for restaurants, restaurant managers can more accurately predict how many staff members they will need on hand during busy times and can create more efficient work schedules that help improve overall productivity.

There are several different ways that restaurant workforce management software can work. Typically, these systems allow managers to track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. Some software programs may also include features for tracking employee performance or managing payroll.


By using a workforce management system hospitality, managers can more effectively manage their staff and ensure that their restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

A Restaurant workforce control solution can help you manage your restaurant workforce more effectively. With this software, you can track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. You can also use the software to communicate with employees and manage employee records.

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