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Nursing Home Scheduling Software

Ensure your nursing home or assisted living facility is never understaffed. Utilize straightforward staff scheduling software for nursing homes. Easily adapt to changing conditions such as employee leave and shift swaps.

Nursing Home Scheduling Software
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Effortless solutions for your nursing home business!

iQcheckpoint offers a versatile and user-friendly shift scheduling system tailored for the nursing homes Industry. Scalable for small, medium, or large corporate workforce needs.

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Effortlessly schedule your healthcare employees

Experience a user-friendly interface for employee shift scheduling. Assign work directly with easy drag-and-drop controls, accessible via Web Console or Mobile App. iQ Intelligent shift management empowers employees to claim open/available shifts effortlessly.

Effortless, speedy reporting

Integrate iQCheckPoint seamlessly with digital forms for real-time reporting. Customize Daily Activity and Incident Reports to suit your needs. Assign tasks at checkpoints for thorough site security checks and timely reminders.

Shift Swap

iQ empowers employees with the ability to change or amend shifts independently, without requiring admin assistance. Automated and conditional shift swaps are facilitated based on work location requirements. In specific conditions, shifts can be swiftly assigned, and a notification is sent to the Supervisor for final approval.

Real-time communication

In an industry where time is crucial, iQCheckPoint's platform facilitates real-time communication between caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers. Updates are swift, easy, and instantly reflected across the organization.

real time communication
geolocation tagging

Enhancing Geolocation Tagging Accuracy for Improved Monitoring

iQCheckPoint ensures accurate employee location tracking, enabling effortless management of virtual boundaries. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses in complex environments, ensuring everyone remains within their designated areas.


Optimize schedule management with iQKiosk for large employee locations. Sign In/Out, check rosters, set unavailability, and more with ease. PhotoiD ensures real-time verification, enhancing security and streamlining payroll accuracy

Preventive Measures for Fraud Prevention

Explore our Fraud Actions feature as a vigilant safeguard against unfair time practices. It effectively prevents actions like buddy punching, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of time tracking

Ways Our Software Benefits Your Nursing Home Staff

Our software offers various ways to assist your nursing home staff. It efficiently manages employee schedules, timesheets, and payroll, while also tracking training and certifications. Additionally, it aids in managing employee location budgeting and various other tasks for your nursing home.

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Why choose iQCheckPoint for your nursing home service?

Efficient Staff Scheduling

iQCheckPoint streamlines staff scheduling, ensuring optimal coverage for nursing home shifts, and reducing the risk of understaffing.

User-Friendly Interface

Our software offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for staff to navigate and use, ultimately saving time and increasing efficiency.

Comprehensive Timesheet Management

From clock-in to clock-out, iQCheckPoint manages timesheets seamlessly, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Certification and Training Tracking

Keep track of employee certifications and training effortlessly, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Location Budgeting Management

Effectively manage budgets related to nursing home employee locations, providing transparency and control over financial resources.

Real-Time Communication

Foster instant communication among caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers, enhancing overall efficiency and responsiveness.

Fraud Prevention Measures

iQCheckPoint includes features to prevent fraudulent time practices, such as buddy punching, ensuring the integrity of time tracking.

Tailored for Nursing Homes

Our software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of nursing homes, providing targeted solutions for the challenges faced in the industry.


Embrace the agility of online scheduling software, enabling swift adaptation to changes in your healthcare practice. 


Nurses, physicians, and caregivers can secure shift coverage in seconds, providing the flexibility essential for dynamic healthcare environments. Practice managers benefit from time savings, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Utilize nursing home workforce management software to craft schedules that align with critical staffing needs. This software aids in tracking employee hours, managing vacation and sick days, and generating performance reports for a comprehensive overview of staff performance.

Nursing home workforce management software caters to the entire organizational staff, including managers, executives, supervisors, and nurses. It serves as a versatile tool for efficiently managing the workforce.

Opting for nursing home scheduling software is crucial for ensuring proper staff scheduling and maintaining adequate staffing levels at all times. This directly contributes to enhancing the quality of care provided to residents. 

Moreover, the software streamlines scheduling processes, saving both time and money by eliminating the reliance on manual scheduling methods.

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