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Effortlessly track time with automated online timesheets

Simplify payroll and remove tedious time calculations using automated online timesheets and straightforward time card tracking.

Effortlessly oversee labor with automated time tracking

Make labor costs and payroll effortless with our portal. Easily track, report, and control expenses to optimize

Effortlessly complete each payroll cycle

Are you fed up with the payroll grind? Our software offers a seamless solution. Easily generate timesheets after every pay period.


A timesheet monitors your staff's hours, facilitating payroll and invoicing calculations. Traditional paper timesheets were cumbersome due to manual computations. iQcheckpoint provides convenient online timesheets that automatically track time and perform calculations.


Our complimentary time card application records hours in real time, promoting honesty by discouraging early clock-ins or late clock-outs. Automated time tracking eliminates timesheet complexities, ensuring a headache-free experience!

A timesheet app, also called a time card app, records employees' work hours digitally. 


It logs clock-in and clock-out times, automatically calculating wages for payroll. It's versatile, accommodating various worker types and allocating hours to specific projects. 


Say goodbye to Excel sheets and paper forms – a digital time card app simplifies tracking and integrates seamlessly with payroll systems, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Explore why using a free timesheet app is better than Excel for time-saving tips in our articles on weekly and monthly timesheets.

Businesses benefit from using timesheets to accurately record employees' work hours. This practice ensures fair payment for employers and employees, preventing discrepancies in compensation.


While many businesses employ some form of timesheet system, methods vary. Some still rely on paper timesheets or online documents like Excel and Microsoft spreadsheets. Alternatively, digital time-tracking software, such as timesheet apps, presents a modern solution.


iQCheckPoint's time-tracking solution offers automation, reducing the need for repetitive tasks like manual data entry, all without the expense of hiring a dedicated human resources manager. 


Automatic employee time tracking streamlines payroll processes, saving significant time and effort each pay period. With integrated time clocks available for free, monitoring employee work hours and seamlessly transferring data to preferred payroll systems becomes effortless.

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