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Optimize child care scheduling with our powerful software. Maintain staff ratios, prevent conflicts, and ensure easy digital time and scheduling for an engaged team – all in one place.

Childcare Scheduling Software
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Increase employee engagement
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Streamlined solutions for your childcare business!

iQCheckpoint: A flexible and powerful employee shift scheduling system designed for the Child Care Industry. Scalable for businesses of all sizes.

employee scheduling

Streamlined employee scheduling

Minimize staffing costs with organized schedules, clearly showing required ratios. Easily compare scheduled and attended hours, streamlining management. Our platform integrates occupancy, availability, and check-ins for efficient workforce optimization.

Simplify Payroll Processes

Streamline payroll with iQCheckPoint: manage records, calculate paychecks, and generate reports effortlessly. Quickly handle timecard hours, and deductions, and ensure compliance. Use direct deposit or print checks for easy fund transfers to your staff.

Set Staff Access and Permissions

Tailor your team's access within the Procare platform by customizing data and functionality. Assign authorization levels according to each staff member's role and responsibilities.

Available Shifts

Employees can claim shifts without admin assistance. Automated open shift claims are subject to location requirements and approval, reducing the Scheduler and Location Manager workload. Real-time shift diagnostics and reporting add efficiency.

Available Shifts


Simplify schedule management with iQ Kiosk for large employee locations. Sign In/Out, check schedules, set unavailability, and access tasks and alerts on the location iPad. The PhotoiD feature ensures secure and accurate payroll processing.

Enhance Indoor Tracking Precision: Beacon Checkpoint

When GPS falls short, our Beacon Checkpoint feature steps in with a solution. Using smart Bluetooth technology ensures precise indoor tracking of employee locations—especially beneficial in areas where GPS signals may be unreliable.

Ways Our Software Benefits Your Childcare Center Business

  • Streamline and automate time-consuming tasks: Our software simplifies workforce scheduling, payroll, and compliance processes.
  • Boost productivity: By automating these tasks, your staff can focus on more productive and valuable activities.
  • Ensure smooth operations: The software contributes to the efficient and seamless running of your childcare center business.

What makes iQCheckPoint the optimal choice for childcare workforce management software?

Comprehensive and User-Friendly

iQCheckPoint stands out as the most comprehensive and user-friendly workforce management software for childcare centers.

Efficient Management

Tailored to assist childcare centers in managing staff, schedules, finances, and operations with enhanced efficiency.

Specialized Features

The software offers a diverse array of features and tools specifically designed to meet the unique needs of childcare centers.

Complete Solution

iQCheckPoint is recognized as the most complete and effective workforce management solution available for childcare centers.

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Use iQCheckPoint to assign locations and roles for each childcare employee, ensuring conflict-free schedules across all your centers.

Certainly! You have the option to check staff availability while scheduling. Keep in mind that employees handle their availability, so they need to ensure it stays current.

Our team can assist you in getting your childcare center up and running with iQCheckPoint in under 30 minutes. Additionally, we provide complimentary onboarding support for new iQCheckPoint users.

If you oversee a childcare workforce, our software is a valuable tool. It aids in tracking attendance, scheduling shifts, and managing payroll efficiently. 


Designed to save you time and money, our software can enhance the overall efficiency of your operation. Reach out today to discover how our software can benefit your business.

iQCheckPoint seamlessly integrates with major payroll software like Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks.

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