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Workforce management software for aged care

Organize and monitor the work hours of your mobile team, including caregivers, nurses, attendants, personal aides, and orderlies. These dedicated individuals provide patient care at a single location or multiple sites.

workforce management software for aged care
workforce management software

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An easy solution for your elderly care business!

iQCheckpoint is a versatile and easy-to-use employee shift scheduling system. The software is designed to grow with the Aged Care Industry, catering to the scheduling needs of small, medium, or large corporate teams

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Enhance efficiency and precision through intelligent scheduling

Our smart scheduling software simplifies overseeing the mobile team and organizing client care. It helps coordinate communication between mobile workers, caregivers, support staff, and schedulers.

Shift Swap

iQ empowers employees to change shifts without admin assistance. Shift swaps can be automated based on work location needs, and if specific conditions apply, quick assignments are possible with supervisor approval notifications.

Simplify and time-saving

Our solution offers various ways to help plan client, employee, and facility schedules. You can check daily or weekly schedules for all clients and employees and see vacant shifts. Easily assign or modify visits using the drag-and-drop feature. The schedule is color-coded and updated in real-time. Hover over a shift to see details and key visit information with the hover effect. Choose from multiple views, including client schedules, facility scheduling, vacant shifts, etc.

Make it simpler and more efficient

iQCheckPoint has user-friendly features designed to make shift management easy and intuitive. Create recurring shifts efficiently from various perspectives. Easily adjust individual visit times within a weekly recurrence. Assign a different support worker to each visit. Consider availability and conflicting visits when planning schedules. Modify recurrences seamlessly using drag-and-drop functionality

time saving

Instant alerts and updates are right at your fingertips.

Employees can easily check the roster in real time with its flexible features. They can view the latest updates whenever they need to. Attendance dashboard & KPIs: Track visit activity and status updates easily. Filtering options: See specific dates, late visits, and more for full visibility. Electronic Visit Verification: Use the mobile GPS clock-in feature and integrated telephony. Support workers: Provide proof of a visit in seconds.


Manage schedules efficiently with iQKiosk in locations with many employees. Staff can Sign In/Out on the location's iPad, check rosters, set unavailability, request time off, view tasks, and stay updated with news and Safety Alerts. PhotoiD technology ensures security during Sign-In, capturing real-time photos for accurate staff assignments and streamlined payroll.

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What makes iQCheckPoint the ideal choice for your aged care facility?

Comprehensive Care Services

iQCheckPoint offers a wide range of care services tailored to your aged care facility.

Roster Management Capabilities

Efficiently manage schedules and staff assignments with iQCheckPoint's advanced rostering features.

Easy Patient Care Tracking

Keep track of your patients' needs effortlessly, ensuring they receive optimal care.

Enhanced Care Quality

With iQCheckPoint, you can ensure that your facility provides the best possible care to its residents.


Aged care software (WFM) offers various capabilities. It assists in managing staff efficiently, tracking employee hours, and maintaining important data such as payroll. 


Additionally, this software aids in creating improved working schedules for staff and enhancing communication among employees.

Various types of workforce management software exist, each with distinct features and advantages. Aged care facilities can significantly benefit from utilizing this software to enhance staff and resource management. 


Workforce management software aids in understanding client needs and creating more efficient workflows, ultimately resulting in improved care for clients and a more positive working environment for staff.

Several software programs allow restaurant managers to better forecast and schedule their workforce. This software can be especially helpful for restaurants that experience high customer traffic during certain periods of the day or week.


By using labor management software for restaurants, restaurant managers can more accurately predict how many staff members they will need on hand during busy times and can create more efficient work schedules that help improve overall productivity.

There are several different ways that restaurant workforce management software can work. Typically, these systems allow managers to track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. Some software programs may also include features for tracking employee performance or managing payroll.


By using a workforce management system hospitality, managers can more effectively manage their staff and ensure that their restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

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