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iQCheckPoint, designed for pest control businesses, provides clear visibility of your field team and streamlines service tracking from a single dashboard. Say goodbye to firefighting and embrace proactive business management, delighting your customers along the way.

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An all-in-one platform for managing your pest control team

iQCheckpoint: A flexible and powerful shift scheduling system designed for the Pest Control Industry. Scalable for small, medium, or large workforce needs.

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Employee Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule shifts with our easy-to-use interface. Assign tasks directly with simple drag-and-drop controls, linking operators via Web Console or Mobile App. Our intelligent shift management, iQ, makes claiming open shifts easy for employees.

Simplify team communication effortlessly

iQCheckPoint streamlines work communication by consolidating it into one platform, eliminating the need for multiple messaging apps. Easily organize your team by departments, locations, or your specific business structure.

Beacon Checkpoint: Accurate Indoor Tracking

When GPS is unreliable, our Beacon Checkpoint feature steps in. Using smart Bluetooth technology, it precisely tracks employees' indoor locations, especially in areas where GPS signals may be limited.

Loop Patrol: Enhancing Task Management

Introducing Loop Patrol, our advanced task management tool. Design clear paths for your team, ensuring precise and timely task execution. Boost productivity and achieve accurate, on-schedule task completion with this powerful feature.

beacon checkpoint

QR Checkpoint: Fast and Secure Sign-Ins

Eliminate idle waiting with our QR Checkpoint feature! Employees can start their shifts swiftly by scanning QR codes, enhancing security by confirming their presence at the designated location.


For efficient schedule management in large teams, iQKiosk is the go-to solution. Employees can Sign In/Out, check rosters, set unavailability, request time off, view tasks, and stay updated on news and safety alerts-all through the location iPad.  The PhotoiD technology enhances security by capturing real-time employee photos during Sign-In, ensuring precise staff assignments and payroll accuracy.

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Designed for pest control businesses, our staff management software helps businesses monitor schedules, customers, and field workers efficiently. The software may also incorporate GPS functionality to track the location of field workers.

Mobile workforce management software for pest control offers numerous advantages for both businesses and customers. This streamlined mobile app enables businesses to dispatch technicians and manage schedules, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


Additionally, by providing customers with a convenient platform for scheduling and tracking appointments, the software fosters loyalty and contributes to overall business success.

Optimize your pest control appointments with Scheduling Software, ensuring efficient tracking and easy scheduling of new appointments. This software also aids in managing customer information and tracking payments seamlessly.

Service software for the pest control industry enhances employee shift management. This workforce management software benefits both employees and job management by simplifying the process of finding open shifts that align with their schedule. 


It also provides alerts for upcoming shifts, contributing to improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and the elimination of paperwork.

As a business owner, incorporating pest control scheduling software brings numerous benefits. It saves time, reduces hassle, and ensures customer satisfaction. 


Additionally, the software aids in financial tracking, a crucial aspect for any business. By efficiently managing your pest control services through software, you contribute to the overall success of your business.

Undoubtedly, opting for the best Pest Control Business Management Software significantly enhances efficiency. Through the automation of various business tasks, this scheduling software saves time and reduces costs for business owners. 

Additionally, by efficiently tracking customer data and pest activity, businesses can strategically target services and enhance their overall financial performance.

Certainly! iQCheckPoint enables you to monitor staff activities and oversee shift management. Our software provides insights into employee locations, and logged hours, and helps assess the risk of fraud. Effectively managing your staff, iQCheckPoint ensures adherence to your company's procedures.

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