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Efficiently schedule staff, boost team communication, and cut costs with our restaurant workforce management software. Easily export data for seamless payroll integration.

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An all-in-one platform for managing your restaurant team

iQCheckPoint: Flexible, simple, and powerful shift scheduling for the Hospitality Industry, catering to businesses of all sizes.
employee scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule shifts with our user-friendly interface. Directly assign tasks using simple drag-and-drop controls, connecting operators through Web Console or Mobile App. Our intelligent shift management, iQ, allows employees to claim open shifts with ease.

Time Clocking

Track time anywhere, on any device. Cut labor costs and payroll errors with customizable time & attendance rules. Seamless payroll export, anti-buddy punching, automated timekeeping, and no more spreadsheets.

Shift Swap

iQ empowers employees with the flexibility to change shifts without admin assistance. Automated shift swaps consider location requirements, with swift assignments triggering supervisor approval notifications for final confirmation.


Optimize schedule management with iQKiosk for large employee populations. Use the location iPad for Sign In/Out, roster checks, unavailability settings, time-off requests, task views, news updates, and safety alerts. The PhotoiD technology ensures secure Sign-Ins by capturing real-time employee photos, guaranteeing accurate payroll and staff assignment.

shift swap
fraud monitoring

Fraud Monitoring

iQ enables managers to monitor rostered employees, track their logged hours, and assess fraud risks. Fraud detection features include GPS location mapping, attendance photo authentication, and late-to-shift alerts, ensuring comprehensive oversight and security.

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How restaurant workforce management software can help your business succeed

Restaurants with different staff strengths need to manage their workforce. This helps in maximizing employee productivity and ensuring the proper utilization of resources. It can also help your company streamline its operations, manage its employees, and grow its business.

It Will Help You Grow Your Business

If you can’t scale, you won’t be able to grow. Restaurant workforce management software solves this problem by integrating streamlined systems.

Many workforce management systems can help you manage employees at different locations and pay your workers across multiple platforms.

It Will Help You Save Money

WFM can be used as an integrated solution to reduce costs and maximize profits. WFM can save time on staff hours, labor costs, schedules, and onboarding employees.

A restaurant franchisee claimed they could save $91,200 using time clock technology. This prevents staff members from clocking in late or getting up early.

It Will Help You Save Time

Integrating workforce management software with automation features saves hundreds of hours. Consider using HR software to automate the process of hiring new employees.

Or you can use scheduling software that offers suggestions and templates to help you plan your schedule. Users of workforce management software say it takes them about 40 hours to complete the tasks manually.

Why do you need a complete workforce management solution for Resturant?

Restaurant workforce management software can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

The size of a company’s staff increases with its growth. Managing human resources effectively and efficiently with more employees is more difficult. This is why workforce management (WFM) is so important.

Companies need a system to simplify the management of staff.

Many companies use workforce management software for hospitality to manage human resources. However, hourly workers, such as restaurant employees, with high turnover and shift scheduling, require more effective workforce management.


Restaurants use scheduling software to schedule staff, forecast labor costs, and avoid overtime. iQCheckPoint provides popular restaurant features, such as creating employee schedules, swapping shifts, and tracking labor costs.

Scheduling software for restaurants is a tool that helps restaurant owners and staff manage employee schedules. It can create and manage employee schedules, swap shifts, and track employee availability.

Several software programs allow restaurant managers to better forecast and schedule their workforce. This software can be especially helpful for restaurants that experience high customer traffic during certain periods of the day or week.


By using labor management software for restaurants, restaurant managers can more accurately predict how many staff members they will need on hand during busy times and can create more efficient work schedules that help improve overall productivity.

There are several different ways that restaurant workforce management software can work. Typically, these systems allow managers to track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. Some software programs may also include features for tracking employee performance or managing payroll.


By using a workforce management system hospitality, managers can more effectively manage their staff and ensure that their restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

A Restaurant workforce control solution can help you manage your restaurant workforce more effectively. With this software, you can track employee hours, schedule shifts, and monitor labor costs. You can also use the software to communicate with employees and manage employee records.

A restaurant would typically use various software applications to manage its operations effectively. 


Firstly, a point of sale (POS) system is essential for processing payments, tracking sales and inventory, and generating reports.


Additionally, inventory management software can help monitor ingredients and supplies, while scheduling software can help with employee shift scheduling and timekeeping. Online reservations and ordering systems can streamline bookings and delivery services. 


Marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software can also build customer loyalty and improve outreach efforts. The right software can significantly enhance a restaurant’s efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

iQCheckPoint stands out as the most user-friendly staff planning and time registration software for businesses in hospitality like bars, restaurants, and hotels. In addition, there are other excellent restaurant workforce app options available, including 7shifts, Tanda, Quinyx, and When I Work.

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