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iQCheckPoint serves as an alternative to Buddy Punch, enabling you to monitor employee time, attendance, and billable hours.

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Effective workforce scheduling is a vital necessity for businesses that rely on hourly or shift-based employees.

Effortlessly create team schedules using the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, ensuring instant access and convenience.

Free yourself from the burden of managing spreadsheets and unlock the advantages of utilizing employee scheduling software!

Workers lacking designated workstations can effortlessly reach the system and request modifications from any place.

It detects scheduling conflicts, provides protection against mistakes, and automates the monitoring of overtime hours.

Improve your scheduling procedures and enable your team for greater efficiency.

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Why people are moving Away From Buddy Punch?

I have concerns about the administrator’s ability to modify hours without notification. It would be beneficial if the application could send email notifications when there are changes. – Danijela Alejandra F. (Source: G2)


The app has some issues. It frequently resets itself when I press ‘done’ after taking pictures, resulting in the need to take multiple pictures before successfully clocking in. This problem mostly occurs during the punch-in process but has also happened once during the punch-out. – Christian del Real (Source: Play Store)


Correcting a mistaken punch in or out can be challenging. – Norbert F. (Source: GetApp)


Having a Dark Mode option would be a valuable addition. The bright screen can be bothersome when working at night, and relying on browser extensions to enable Dark Mode can occasionally lead to functionality issues. – Cesar M. (Source: G2)

Simplicity can sometimes be taken to an extreme. There are instances where it feels a bit minimalistic, with excessive empty space on certain page layouts. – Tony Factor (Source: TrustRadius)

Why Choose iQCheckPoint Over Buddy Punch?

iQCheckPoint offers free staff scheduling, team messaging, task management, and more, whereas
Buddy Punch requires a paid subscription for these features.



$ 0.00
(10 users)

Buddy Punch

$0 for 14 Days’s free trail

Price Minimum Plan

$1.60 (First 10 users Free)

$2.99 / location / mo unlimited employees

Employee Schedule

Employee Timesheet

Shift Swap & Find Replacement

Schedule Templates


Employee Schedule


Geolocation Tagging

Loop Patrol

QR Code CheckPoint

Beacon CheckPoint

Dashboard [Create as per your need]

Alerts [Customizable ]

Fraud Actions

Client Account

Employee Onboarding

Forms [Create your own]

Offline Mode 

Your Comprehensive Workspace Solution

Bring your team together with iQCheckPoint: simplify communication, scheduling, task management, checklists,
reminders, and workflows by consolidating them all within a single integrated platform.

Time sheet

Why iQCheckPoint
Stands Out as the Top Alternative to Buddypunch

iQCheckPoint outshines BuddyPunch in team management with advanced features that
streamline workforce efficiency. Explore what sets us apart for easy and effective team oversight.

Automated calculations for timesheets. for mobile, desktop and tablet

Easily track your time with iQCheckPoint’s software on mobile, desktop, and tablet, whether at the office, remote, or on the go.

Offline Capability No internet? No worries!

Employees can clock in and out using GPS location and face recognition, even offline. Managers can track attendance, and data syncs automatically when online.

Rapid Onboarding Backed by exceptional Rapid Onboarding Backed by exceptional

Invite your employees via SMS, email, or by sharing a link. Your team can start using iQCheckPoint for time tracking in just a few minutes. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through chat; our customer support team is ready to assist you.

Improving Task Supervision with Loop Patrol.

Elevate your task management with our Loop Patrol feature. By defining dedicated routes for your team, it guarantees precise and prompt task completion. This streamlined guidance significantly improves the precision and timeliness of their assigned responsibilities.

QR Checkpoint: A Swift and Secure Sign-In Procedure.

We are thrilled to present our QR Checkpoint feature, which allows employees to quickly begin their shifts by scanning QR codes. This innovation not only boosts efficiency but also reinforces security protocols.

Beacon Checkpoint: Precise Indoor Location Tracking

In situations where GPS falls short, our Beacon Checkpoint steps in, leveraging advanced Bluetooth technology to ensure accurate indoor employee tracking. This capability proves particularly beneficial in areas with limited GPS signal coverage.

Stay updated with
immediate real-time alerts

Receive immediate alerts for critical matters, such as modifications in shifts and requests for time off. This facilitates prompt responses and guarantees the seamless continuity of operations.

Fraud Actions Proactive Anti-Fraud Measures

Our Fraud Actions feature keeps an eye out for unfair time practices, like buddy punching, to make sure time tracking is honest and accurate.

Customer testimonials

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“We now have full control of our wages with a payroll of over 800 staff. Which gave us massive saving of 2% from the fortnightly Pay run.”

Aged Care Thomas Pastorino | Coordinator

“Updating our Restaurant rosters on the mobile App is great, especially last minute staff changes.”

Mama’s Fish House Katlyn Summers | Manager

“Very impressed with the Live Dashboard, very easy to monitors our staff attendance and live activity performed.”

Alpine The Cleaning Services Jose Meza | Area Manager

“Great communication space, we can send out Safety Alerts to every team member in the field and have them acknowledge they’ve read it.”

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Certainly, iQCheckPoint emerges as a superb option for individuals seeking high-quality employee scheduling software. However, let's provide a candid evaluation:


Both platforms offer impressive employee scheduling functionalities, enabling the efficient creation of work schedules, seamless shift swaps, and straightforward management of time-off requests. Moreover, they provide mobile applications for convenient schedule access by your employees while they are on the go.


When conducting a comparison between iQCheckPoint and Buddy Punch, a notable distinction becomes apparent in iQCheckPoint's offline mode. This particular feature allows users to initiate unscheduled work shifts even when they do not have an internet connection, a capability that is not offered by Buddy Punch.


Moreover, iQCheckPoint sets itself apart through innovative features like geolocation tagging, loop patrol, beacon checkpoints, fraud prevention, and a streamlined employee onboarding process. Conversely, Buddy Punch does not provide these distinct advantages.


What's more, iQCheckPoint offers all these benefits at an unmatched value. Enhance your scheduling capabilities with the exceptional flexibility and innovation that iQCheckPoint brings to the forefront.


Ultimately, the right choice depends on your team's specific requirements.


For those in search of a comprehensive solution encompassing team messaging, scheduling, task management, reminders, to-do lists, checklists, and workflows, iQCheckPoint emerges as the top selection. It consolidates numerous tools into a single, robust platform, thereby optimizing your workflow's efficiency.


If your primary focus centers on employee scheduling, you have the option to explore both platforms directly. iQCheckPoint even offers a free plan with no time constraints or obligations.


Uncover the perfect fit for your team's management needs – the possibilities await!

Indeed, you can take full advantage of a 14-day free trial period with Buddy Punch. Once the trial period comes to an end, it is essential to choose a paid plan, as there is no free version accessible.

Certainly, you have the chance to experience an impressive 31-day trial period with iQCheckPoint.

The iQCheckPoint app ensures a smooth experience on both iOS and Android platforms. It empowers managers to make real-time roster adjustments and swiftly inform staff through SMS and email alerts.


For employees, the application simplifies tasks like clocking in and out, managing availability, and facilitating shift exchanges.

You might want to explore alternative choices like Homebase, When I Work, Sling, Tanda, 7shifts, and the Coast app as well. These platforms provide employee scheduling capabilities and the additional advantage of a free version for you to try out.

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