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workforce management system
workforce management software for hospitality

Shift Scheduling

  • A simple yet powerful user interface for employee shift scheduling.
  • Directly assign work to employees by drag and drop controls.
  • Link the operator name via Web Console or Mobile App.
  • iQ Intelligent shift management gives the employees the ability to claim open/available shifts.

Available Shifts

  • Looking for an employee to fill a shifts is a breeze by creating an open shift a notification is sent to all employees to view available shifts.
  • Employees have the ability to claim available shifts without any admin assistance.
  • Open shift claim can be automated and conditional depending on the work location requirement subject to approval to claim.
  • Reduces the workload of the Scheduler and Location Manager.
  • Real-time shift diagnostics and reporting.

Shift swap

  • iQ empowers the employees giving the ability for employees to change/amend shifts without any admin assistance.
  • Shift swap can be automated and conditional depending on the work location requirement.
  • When a location has a specific condition a shift can be assigned quickly, approval notification sent to the Supervisor to complete the final approval.

Leave Management

  • Employees can submit their Holiday leave, infact any type of leave the business has in place, Holiday leave, Sick Leave, Parental Leave, etc.
  • When employee applies for leave approval is required by Managers /Supervisors.
  • After a Leave is Approved, employee can not be schedule, preventing rostering errors.

Location Budgeting

  • iQ system budget module empowers business owners to control costs and improve financial outcomes.
  • Having control of the location budget ensures the business has improved financial visibility ultimately leading to a more enhanced actual vs budget planning and reporting process.


  • When a location has a large number of employees the best way to manage schedules is by using iQKiosk.
  • Employees can Sign In/Out from the location iPad, check their rosters, set unavailability, request time off, view tasks assigned to them, see the latest organization newsfeed and safety Alerts.
  • The proprietary PhotoiD technology captures the employee’s photo on site real-time during the Sign-In process after their unique passcode is verified. This level of security ensures the correct staff members are working on the assigned site whilst streamlining payroll accuracy each and every time

Fraud Monitoring

  • iQ allows managers to track the rostered employees, their logged hours and assess the likelihood of fraud.
  • Fraud detection is facilitated through GPS location mapping, attendance photo authentication and late-to-shift alerts.


  • iQ provides the ability to record training, set expiry dates, alert supervisor when a team members does not have the correct training/license for the specific job/location.
  • Review and control which employees have training accreditation that allows greater scope for work.
  • Verify and validate the correct employee is on the correct site.
  • Manage staff based on relevant skills and job site requirements.

Intelligent monitoring B-N-Q tech

  • B-N-Q technologies is implemented as part of the security vigilance system making it easy to monitor Team Members by attendance and GPS-mapped location.
  • Instant task completion and incident alerts provide another layer of management control and reporting.

Beacon Attendance Monitoring

  • Upon site attended employee do not require to physically interact , our Beacon sensor technology detect individuals mobile phone and uses their iQ profile ID to sing them in to the location, also check points through out the facility can be deployed to monitor when employee visit different work areas , ideal for contact COVID contact tracing.
  • The system allows supervisors/managers to manage employees in real-time ensuring right team members are at the correct work area.

Loop Patrol

  • iQsystem intelligent Beacon – NFC (Near Field Communication) looping system ensures accountability and contractual reassurance to stakeholders.
  • Loop timeframe conditions are set to comply with the required KPIs reducing the likelihood of possible future litigation.
  • The system allows supervisors/managers to manage employees in real-time ensuring patrol and tasks are met.

Communication space

  • Having the ability to communicate with team members in real-time via the iQ system provides the business the opportunity to reduce risk and health and safety concerns.
  • A real-time data feed of critical information can be sent to an employee or a group of employees to keep everyone up-to-date such as Health and Safety alerts, hazard alerts.

Check Point Reporting

  • iQ allows you the ability to view completed tasks by the Team members based on assigned jobs.
  • iQ by Beacon geo-fence provides comprehensive checkpoint reporting on attendance and non attendance at a particular checkpoint by utilizing various technologies of choice Beacon-NFC-QR.

Digital Reporting

  • iQ system integration with digital forms and tasks gives the Security Guard the flexibility to access and view real-time reporting and instant safety alerts.
  • Create customizable forms and task lists to meet the needs of any organization.
  • Example forms include: Daily Activity Report, Incident Report, Hazard Report and much more.
  • Tasks can be assigned at any check point and time for comprehensive site security checks and reminders.

iQaudits - Inspections

  • Quality control is an important component of any client contract. iQaudit delivers a seamless process for supervisors to review adherence to process and procedures.
  • The Supervisor or site Managers can create comprehensive audits – providing insights regarding quality control and task completion on specific job sites.
  • The audit module is completely customisable with the ability to risk-rate tasks, take/store photo’s, tag locations, analyse trends and much more.
  • Coming Soon
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