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Effective scheduling is crucial for organizations that rely on hourly employees and shift-based operations.

Effortlessly generate team schedules using the ease of drag-and-drop functionality, with instant accessibility.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet frustrations and discover the benefits of employee scheduling software.

Employees without fixed desks can readily access the system and request changes from any location.

It detects conflicts, provides protection against mistakes, and automates the tracking of overtime hours.

Optimize your scheduling procedure and enable your team for success.

Why choose iQCheckPoint over GetMyRoster?

iQCheckPoint provides complimentary staff scheduling, team messaging, tasks, and
additional features, while getmyroster mandates a paid plan.



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$ 30 (with single location)

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Bring together team messaging, scheduling, task management, reminders,
checklists, to-do lists, and workflows into a unified hub, simplifying collaboration for both you and your team.
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Why iQCheckPoint is the Best
Alternative to Get My Roster

When considering team management solutions, iQCheckPoint excels beyond what Get My Roster provides.
Our exceptional features enhance and streamline workforce management, making it significantly more
efficient and effortless. Let’s delve into what sets iQCheckPoint apart:

Employee work hours auto-fill timesheets. Easier timesheet calculations for all

Employees have the flexibility to review their hours at any time. iQCheckPoint’s timesheets are automatically calculated, resulting in time and effort savings for everyone, and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Comprehensive analytics Robust insights

Accurately compute your employees’ work hours using our daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets. Employ our diverse range of filters to discern patterns and drive meaningful enhancements.

Timesheets are categorized by task project or customer

With iQCheckPoint, you can effortlessly track hours based on activities, projects, or clients, providing valuable insights into how your time is allocated.

Timesheets requiring managerial approval Automated approval process

Work hours that have been calculated may necessitate managerial approval before finalization.

Rapid onboarding process Supported by excellent customer service when required

Invite your employees through email, share a link, or even send an SMS. You can have your team up and running on iQCheckPoint within minutes, and if you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact us through chat. Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you.

Enhancing Monitoring Accuracy through Geolocation Tagging

iQCheckPoint guarantees precise employee location tracking, offering effortless setup and management of virtual boundaries. This feature is especially advantageous for businesses with complex spatial requirements, ensuring that everyone remains in their designated areas.

Elevating Indoor Tracking Precision with Beacon Checkpoint

When GPS proves insufficient, our Beacon Checkpoint feature steps in to provide a solution. Leveraging intelligent Bluetooth technology, it guarantees accurate indoor tracking of employee locations, making it particularly valuable for areas where GPS signals may not reach.

Customer testimonials

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“We now have full control of our wages with a payroll of over 800 staff. Which gave us massive saving of 2% from the fortnightly Pay run.”

Aged Care Thomas Pastorino | Coordinator

“Updating our Restaurant rosters on the mobile App is great, especially last minute staff changes.”

Mama’s Fish House Katlyn Summers | Manager

“Very impressed with the Live Dashboard, very easy to monitors our staff attendance and live activity performed.”

Alpine The Cleaning Services Jose Meza | Area Manager

“Great communication space, we can send out Safety Alerts to every team member in the field and have them acknowledge they’ve read it.”

ARRA Construction Spsum Consectetuer


While we certainly believe that iQCheckPoint offers an outstanding solution for those in search of a versatile team messaging and scheduling platform, let's provide an impartial perspective:


It's clear that iQCheckPoint has received positive feedback as a team messaging and scheduling platform. However, for a balanced evaluation:


Both of these platforms allow you to maintain a clear distinction between your work-related and personal messages on your mobile device. You can make team-wide announcements, communicate with groups, and engage in one-on-one conversations without the need to exchange phone numbers.


Furthermore, both platforms come equipped with scheduling features to facilitate the creation and sharing of team schedules, support shift swaps, and manage time-off requests effectively.


Ultimately, the choice of the ideal platform hinges on your specific team management requirements.


If you're seeking a comprehensive solution that encompasses team messaging, scheduling, task management, reminders, to-do lists, checklists, and workflow management, iQCheckPoint is the answer. It consolidates a variety of apps and tools into a single platform, streamlining your work processes.

Certainly, iQCheckPoint offers a fantastic 31-day trial period for you to experience and explore its features.

The iQCheckPoint app is meticulously crafted for user-friendliness on both iOS and Android platforms. Managers can effortlessly make real-time schedule adjustments, instantly alerting staff through SMS and email notifications.


For employees, the app streamlines tasks such as clocking in and out, handling availability, and facilitating shift exchanges with utmost ease.

The duration may vary, typically ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on your team's size. To streamline this process, we've made it effortless for you to invite your team members by utilizing your contact list, phone numbers, or email addresses.

There are several alternative options to consider, such as Homebase, WhenIWork, Sling, Coast, and Deputy. Each of these solutions provides a combination of team messaging and scheduling features, and many of them offer a free version that you can explore and test.

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