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Effectively oversee your staff using our comprehensive platform, encompassing collaborative scheduling, patrol tracking, reporting, and payroll. Our software provides a unified, state-of-the-art solution for all your security workforce requirements.

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Streamlined Solution for Your Security Business!

iQ simplifies security workforce management, covering guard tours, incident reporting, KPIs, GPS tracking, and lone worker support.

Intelligent Monitoring B-N-Q Tech

B-N-Q technologies enhance security vigilance, allowing easy monitoring of guards through attendance and GPS-mapped location. Instant task completion and incident alerts add a layer of management control and reporting.

Enhance Security Performance

iQ captures a security guard's location and allows you to see when the guard completed the assigned checkpoint through geo-fenced attendance exceptions. Get detailed checkpoint reports on attendance and non-attendance.

Verification Of Service

iQ strengthens contractual commitments by offering digital evidence to validate services provided to clients. Reporting transparency is ensured, with the option for direct client access if needed.


The iQ system enables easy monitoring of essential Security Guard details, including training records and license expiry dates. It notifies the relevant supervisors or managers before impending license expiration and alerts them when specific site induction and compliance training is needed.

Verification Of Service
digital reporting

Equip your staff with clear task instructions

Use iQCheckPoint to generate checklists tailored to individuals or shifts, providing clear task instructions for each shift without any confusion.

Digital Reporting

Integrate iQCheckPoint with digital forms and tasks, empowering security guards to access real-time reporting and receive instant safety alerts. Customize forms and task lists to suit the specific needs of your organization.

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Why use the Security Workforce Management System?

Integrated Operations and Workforce Management Solutions

Efficiently utilize our integrated solutions for operations and workforce management.

Enhanced Customer Security with Dispatch Monitoring:

Increase customer security through our dispatch monitoring subsystem.

Employee Attendance Tracking :

Utilize our intuitive attendance and time-tracking system for effective employee management.

Work Scheduling and Payroll :

Schedule work, process employee payments, and manage client interactions seamlessly.

Notifications for Efficient Management :

Receive email and mobile notifications for managing employee availability, absences, customer holidays, and other operations.

Seamless Payroll Processing :

Export pay data to third-party payroll systems for streamlined processing.

Comprehensive Reporting Options :

Access a variety of report options for a comprehensive overview of business performance.

Easy Workforce Scheduling :

Simplify workforce scheduling with our user-friendly Scheduler tool.


Embrace the agility of online scheduling software, enabling swift adaptation to changes in your healthcare practice. 


Nurses, physicians, and caregivers can secure shift coverage in seconds, providing the flexibility essential for dynamic healthcare environments. Practice managers benefit from time savings, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Utilize nursing home workforce management software to craft schedules that align with critical staffing needs. This software aids in tracking employee hours, managing vacation and sick days, and generating performance reports for a comprehensive overview of staff performance.

Nursing home workforce management software caters to the entire organizational staff, including managers, executives, supervisors, and nurses. It serves as a versatile tool for efficiently managing the workforce.

Opting for nursing home scheduling software is crucial for ensuring proper staff scheduling and maintaining adequate staffing levels at all times. This directly contributes to enhancing the quality of care provided to residents. 


Moreover, the software streamlines scheduling processes, saving both time and money by eliminating the reliance on manual scheduling methods.

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