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iQCheckPoint’s workforce scheduling and planning software allows you to be more flexible and efficient in managing your workforce.

workforce management system
workforce management software

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iQcheckpoint is a flexible and simple yet powerful employee shift scheduling system. The software is scalable for the Workforce Management to meet the needs of small, medium or large corporate workforce needs.

How to improve productivity using Workforce Management Software

If you manage a team of employees, you know how important it is to optimize productivity. There are a lot of factors that contribute to productivity, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. That’s where a Workforce Management Software (WMS) comes in.

A WMS (workforce management software) is a tool that helps managers plan, schedule, and track employee productivity. It can be used to identify issues and bottlenecks and make changes to improve productivity. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to use a WMS to improve productivity in your organization.


Shift Scheduling - workforce management software

Shift Scheduling

  • Simple but powerful interface to schedule shifts for employees.
  • Drag and drop controls allow you to assign work directly to employees.
  • Use the Web Console or Mobile App to link the operator’s name.
  • Employees can claim open/available shifts with iQ Intelligent shift management.

Available shifts

  • It is easy to find an employee to fill a shift. Simply create an open shift and a notification is sent out to all employees.
  • Employers can claim shifts that are available without admin assistance.
  • An open shift claim can be made automated or conditionally depending on the workplace requirement.
  • This reduces the workload for the Location Manager and Scheduler.
  • Reporting and real-time shift diagnosis.
Available Shifts - workforce management software
Shift Swap - workforce management software

Shift Swap

  • iQ empowers employees by giving them the ability to modify/change shifts without any administrative assistance.
  • Shift swaps can be automated or conditional, depending on the requirements of the work site.
  • If a particular condition exists at a place, a shift can quickly be assigned. An approval notification is sent to the Supervisor for final approval.

Leave Management

  • Employees are allowed to submit Holiday Leave. This includes any type of leave that the company has, such as Sick Leave, Parental, and Holiday Leave.
  • Supervisors and managers must approve leave applications from employees.
  • An employee cannot be scheduled after a Leave has been approved, which prevents rostering errors.
Leave Management - workforce management software
Location Budgeting - workforce management software

Location Budgeting

  • The iQ budget module allows business owners to manage costs and improve financial results.
  • Control over the location budget gives the business greater financial visibility, which ultimately leads to better budget planning and reporting.

Fraud Monitoring

  • Managers can track rostered employees and log hours with iQ to assess fraud risk.
  • GPS location mapping, attendance photograph authentication, and late-to–shift alerts facilitate fraud detection.
Fraud Monitoring - workforce management software
Training - workforce management software


  • iQ allows you to track training, set expiry dates and alert your supervisor if a member of your team does not have the right training/license for that job/location.
  • Control and review whether employees are certified for training that gives them greater work opportunities.
  • Validate that the right employee is at the right place.
  • You can manage your staff based upon the job requirements and relevant skills.

Intelligent Monitoring B-N-Q Tech

  • The security vigilance system includes B-N-Q technology. This makes it possible to track Team Members’ attendance and GPS-mapped locations.
  • Incident alerts and instant task completion provide additional layers of management control.
Intelligent Monitoring B-N-Q Tech - workforce management software
Beacon Attendance Monitoring - workforce management software

Beacon Attendance Monitoring

  • Employees who are on-site attended do not need to physically interact with each other. Our Beacon sensor technology detects individuals’ mobile phones and uses their iQ Profile ID to track them. Checkpoints throughout the facility can also be deployed to monitor employee visits to different work areas, which is ideal for COVID contact trace.
  • This system allows managers and supervisors to monitor employees in real time, ensuring that the right people are working in the correct area.

Loop Patrol

  • iQsystem intelligent Beacon – NFC (Near Field Communication), looping system provides accountability and contractual reassurance for stakeholders.
  • The loop timeframe conditions are designed to meet the KPIs required, reducing the possibility of future litigation.
  • This system allows supervisors and managers to monitor employees in real time, ensuring that tasks and patrols are completed.
Loop Patrol - workforce management software
Communication Space - workforce management software

Communication Space

  • The iQ system allows the business to communicate in real time with its team members, allowing them to minimize risk and reduce safety and health concerns.
  • An employee can receive a real-time feed of important information to keep them up to date, such as safety alerts and hazard alerts.

Check Point Reporting

  • You can view the completed tasks of your Team members using iQ based on their assigned jobs.
  • iQ by Beacon geofence provides detailed checkpoint reporting of attendance and non-attendance at a specific checkpoint using various technologies Beacon NFC-QR.
Check Point Reporting - workforce management software
Check Point Reporting - workforce management software

Digital reporting

  • Integration of the iQ system with digital forms and tasks allows the Security Guard to view and access real-time reports and receive safety alerts instantly.
  • To meet the specific needs of every organization, create customizable forms and task lists.
  • Examples of forms include Daily Activity Report, Incident Report and Hazard Report.
  • For site security checks, reminders and comprehensive site security, tasks can be assigned at any time.

IQaudits - Inspections

  • Client contracts must include quality control. iQaudit makes it easy for supervisors and other personnel to check compliance with process and procedures.
  • Site Managers or Supervisors can conduct comprehensive audits that provide insight into quality control and job completion at specific job sites.
  • You can customize the audit module to include risk-rate tasks and tags, store photos, tags, locations, analysis trends, and many other options.
IQaudits - Inspections - workforce management software
Kiosk - workforce management software


  • iQKiosk is the best tool to manage the schedules of large numbers of employees in a workplace.
  • Employees can sign in/out from the location Kiosk to view their rosters, unavailability, request leave, view tasks, and see the most recent organization newsfeed. Safety Alerts are also available.
  • After their unique passcode has been verified, the PhotoiD technology captures an employee’s photograph on-site during Sign-In. This security level ensures that only authorized staff are on site at the designated time, while streamlining payroll accuracy.


Workforce management (WFM), a software solution, is designed to help organizations automate and streamline the processes that manage workers’ hours, organize and deploy their labor force efficiently and enable manager and employee self-service. It also ensures employee safety.

Workforce Planning involves the analysis, forecasting and planning of the workforce supply and demand, as well as assessing gaps and determining targeted talent management interventions. This is done to ensure that the organization has the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right times, to accomplish its mission and achieve its strategic goals.

  1. Preparing for the Future
  2. Analyzing Workforce Discrepancies
  3. Anticipate and Plan for Change
  4. Decrease Hiring Costs
  5. Improved Recruitment Processes
  6. Driving Talent Investments
  7. Identify the Talent Gaps
  8. Implementing a Retention Strategy
Fluctuations in consumer demand, holidays, and even the weather can make it difficult to maximize or even stay within labor budgets. Employers can model these scenarios to predict factors that could lead to understaffing or overstaffing.
Scheduling Employers have the option to select employees based on a variety of criteria such as experience, preferences, and skills. To avoid coverage gaps, workers can swap shifts or share their availability ahead of time.
Workforce management software offers all the data needed to manage staff scheduling and shift management. Managers can then create and manage shifts online, while frontline workers can choose the shifts that they are interested in and set their availability using an app on their smartphones.
Many workforce management software companies partner with companies to assist with adoption, implementation, and day-to-today operations. Companies can also benefit from the additional capabilities and features offered by software designed for managing the workforce. Microsoft Teams, for example, provides tools for scheduling shifts, greater communication capabilities and seamless task management.

Workforce Management

We Are Provide Best Services

For Your Business!

iQcheckpoint is a flexible and simple yet powerful employee shift scheduling system. The software is scalable for the Workforce Management to meet the needs of small, medium or large corporate workforce needs.

Shift Scheduling

  • A simple yet powerful user interface for employee shift scheduling
  • Directly assign work to employees by drag and drop controls
  • Link the operator name via Web Console or Mobile App
  • iQ Intelligent shift management gives the employees the ability to claim open/available shifts

Available Shifts

  • Employees have the ability to claim available shifts without any admin assistance
  • Open shift claim can be automated and conditional depending on the work location requirement subject to approval to claim.
  • Reduces the workload of the Scheduler and Location Manager
  • Real-time shift diagnostics and reporting

Shift swap

  • iQ empowers the employees giving the ability for employees to change/amend shifts without any admin assistance
  • Shift swap can be automated and conditional depending on the work location requirement
  • When a location has a specific condition a shift can be assigned quickly, approval notification sent to the Supervisor to complete the final approval


  • When a location has a large number of employees the best way to manage schedules is by using iQKiosk
  • Employees can Sign In/Out from the location iPad, check their rosters, set unavailability, request time off, view tasks assigned to them, see the latest organization newsfeed and safety Alerts
  • The proprietary PhotoiD technology captures the employee’s photo on site real-time during the Sign-In process after their unique passcode is verified. This level of security ensures the correct staff members are working on the assigned site whilst streamlining payroll accuracy each and every time

Fraud Monitoring

  • iQ allows managers to track the rostered employees, their logged hours and assess the likelihood of fraud
  • Fraud detection is facilitated through GPS location mapping, attendance photo authentication and late-to-shift alerts
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workforce management system
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